Vitoria-Gasteiz 2012 European Green Capital


Victoria-Gasteiz 2012 European Green Capital

European Commission recognize Victoria-Gasteiz 2012 European Green Capital. Victoria-Gasteiz accomplish to become a green city paradigm for its achievements regarding mobility, recycling, waste and water consumption.

During the years developed ambitious plans on climate change and succeeded to be


a green capital thanks a great number of successful accomplishment on projects such as: energy efficiency, air quality, water conservation, waste management,public transportation cycling lanes, recycling management. More over citizens put their effort to all these ambitious green projects and lead Victoria-Gasteiz 2012 European Green Capital.


As for the year to come, Victoria- Gasteiz has a number of challenges to work on as to increase by 10% the use of public transport, to reduce by 5% energy consumption levels at municipal installations, to reduce by 5% water consumption, to replace plastic bags with recyclable or biodegradable made materials,and to develop a new urban garden allotment plan.

European commission recognize European cities for its accomplishments or environmental issues that improve citizens quality of life. The first winner since European commission called for first time in 2008 was Stockholm Sweden for 2010 and Hamburg Germany for 2011.


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