Zagato Volpe the Smallest Electric car

This new car is the Zagato Volpe, possibly the world’s smallest electric car,


According to, built by the Italian automotive designer Romano Artioli whose portfolio includes the Bugatti EB110 and the Lotus Elise.
The name Volpe, in Italian means ‘fox’ and is an acronym for ‘Veicoli Orgiinali Leggeri Privi Emissioni’, which means ‘Original Zero-emission Light Vehicle’.
Zagato Volpe will come in two different versions, an electric only version and a E-REV with a gasoline or natural gas engine to recharge the batteries but not directly power the car.

An all-electric version will have a top speed of about 30 mph (48.3 km/h) and a range of 43 miles (69.2 km). The Volpe will also be available with solar panels on the roof which, the company says will boost range slightly.
The gasoline or natural gas engine in the extended range Volpe will significantly increase the car’s range and speed. Zagato claims that the extended range version will be able to travel up to 236 miles (about 379 km) and will have a limited top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h).
The Volpe is Lilliputian at just 2.2 meters long (just over 7 ft., 2 in.), and 1 meter (roughly 3 ft., 3 in.) wide. The car has aluminum scissor doors with a steel body and was purposefully designed for urban use. The car can carry a driver with a passenger sitting behind, like on a motorcycle.
Zagato Volpe can be ordered with numerous creature comforts such as air conditioning, an MP3 player, electric windows, central locks, and a navigation system.

The electric version of the Volpe will sell for €6,900 with the E-REV from €7,950

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  1. The car of the future? I am convinced it is.And it should be made in accordance with the American ZEV, or Zero emission vehicle regulation first adopted back in the 1990’s.Technology striving for a better tomorrow!

    Anna Maria Coutsomitelli

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