Zagori Epirus Greece


Zagori Epirus Greece

Zagori Epirus Greece,  is a  place in heaven,  a hidden beauty between mountains and sky, a unique place in Greece.
Zagori, is located up to Epirus Mountains, at Epirus prefecture North Greece, about 30 km ,  just an hour drive  from the historic city of Ioannina  with beautiful Lake of Pamvotis or Ioannina lake.
Zagori , with  46  traditional old  stone villages  with unique architecture, well known as Zagorochoria,   the amazing  historic  churches and  stone staircases of the 17h century,  is a paradise in the spectacular area of Pindos Mountains.

Vickos – Aoos National Park,  remnants of the ancient forests in Europe , a protected area for the rare and threatened flora and fauna. Aoos river  full of deferent earthly colors – a variety  of green in spring and brown in autumn ,an amazing place to be all year around. The Gorge of Vickos  with amazing forests is a unique place for Nature Lovers. The breathtaking view of Vickos Gorge  can be viewed, actually over viewed from balcony places , as Vickos balcony  at Monodendri village . For those they want to cross it the best time is  during summer when the level of river is lower and the snow is limited up to the top hills. Zagorochoria
The area of Zagori Epirus Greece, offers a variety of points of interest , a number of activities and  adventure activities as hiking , clamping, rafting choices.
The area of Zagori Epirus Greece , offer  a number of small traditional accommodation places with warm welcome, local special dishes, exceptional tasteful pies . Alternatively visitors have the choice to accommodate at the beautiful town of Ioannina and visit Zagori on day tours and excretions or rent a car.  
Zagori Epirus Greece should be visited at least once in life time. The trip to Zagori Epirus Greece will be unforgettable.

How to be there
By Air Fly from Athens to Ioannina  about 45 min fly
By  Car or Bus, from Athens to Ioannina ( approximately 5 hours )
By Car or Bus from Thessaloniki (  approximately 3,5 hours)

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