Zagorochoria villages

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Zagorochoria villages 

Zagorochoria villages or Zagori, is a complex of 46 picturesque traditional villages nest at the heart of Epirus, Wester Greece among the steep and snowy slopes of the Týmfi mountain range. Built amidst pine and fir trees with one of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in Europe with a unique traditional architecture, impressive stone mansions and undulating, natural forest surroundings, the Zagorohoria villages are the ideal holiday destination, all year around.  

Zagorochoria villages, the pound traditional villages of Epirus are standing there for centuries in the unspoiled beauty of Pindos mountains.  Zagóri’s most picturesque village is Monodéndri, a restored stone village. A stroll down its narrow streets paPapingo-towersPl Zagorochoria Epirus  2st the village’s stone courtyards and the rocky trail starting from the central square that leads you to Vickos Gorge,  From there, the visitors can admire the Monastery of St. Paraskevi nestling on a rock overlooking the Vickos Gorge. Mikro and Megalo Papigko, Aristi, Kipi and Dilofo connected through beautiful stone bridges .

Trekking lovers will have the chance to hit a variety of mountain trails in Zagorochoria. Cross the Vickos Gorge following the route from Monodéndri north to Vikos- Vikos to Pápigo, and Monodéndri south to Kipi, a traditional small village with old arched stone bridges. The route lasts at least 5 hours, but it is a very rewarding experience! Starting from Pápigo, the visitors can follow the path leading to Astráka refuge and then head for the summits of Astráka and Lápatos.

Hit the trails that connect the villages Pápigo and Mikró Pápigo through the Vikos-Aoós National Forest; go for an invigorating swim in the two natural forest lakes. The village of Vovoúsa in eastern Zagori is ideal for bird watching as it is located near the National Park of Valia Kalda, a protected forest populated with rare species of flora and fauna.

Visitors should follow the mountain trails to Kipi, an ideal mountain tourism destination, explore the magical “Drakolimni”, one of the three alpine lakes in the Pindus mountain range, walk the famous Vradeto Stairs at the edge of Vickos Gorge, while trekking through the Asprággeli, Dikóryfo, Manassís and Kaloutás villages, you will find the Kaloutás Bridge.
Traditional stone-built guesthouses with a warm environment can accommodate the visitors, while local taverns offer delicious meals with famous local pies accompanied by sweet local wine!

Zagorochoria villages, or Zagori, the hidden, pound, traditional villages of Epirus is the perfect eco destination for nature and culture lovers as the adventure activities lovers for all ages , all year around. Explore Epirus, explore Zagorochoria village any time.

Easily accessible  from Athens or Thessaloniki, by Air, Car, Bus or rent a car.   

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